This is a virtual tour of the Wish Tower to aid visitors who want to learn more about the history of the Tower. You can click on each menu to navigate the website and check out each page, then go back to the menus to discover the next section. As the tours of the Wish Tower are run by volunteers, it is sadly not possible for them to run all-year round; this guide aids visitors by providing easy-to-access historical content to any internet-enabled device. All of our content was written by A-Level History Students at Eastbourne's East Sussex College Group campus, and the software and hardware was built by TechResort.

Technical info

This device was built by TechResort in collaboration with the Wish Tower Friends, and relies on using a small device called a Raspberry Pi to both act as a web server and an access point so that you can view the content from internet-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is solar powered as there is no power infrastructure in the Wish Tower site. This means that it is a WiFi network without external internet access but is completely secure, and can only access the Info-Fi guide.